Bear training weeks nine, ten, and eleven recap

I'm catching up on three weeks of running in this post. I'm making progress. Poor weather, knee pain, and a return of last summer's PACs complicated my training a bit. I'd like to have run a little more, but have been mixing in more high quality speed workouts and have been consistent with weight training and yoga. While not in the same form that I was when training to peak in May 2019 or July 2020, I'm not in terrible early season shape. Here are the numbers.

Week nine:

  • 6 hours, 15 minutes running

  • 30.1 miles

  • 2,441 ft D+

On Sunday I got out for a hilly run in the snow.

Snowy Howard Trail with large mammal tracks to the left

Week ten:

  • 5 hours, 7 minutes running

  • 28.3 miles

  • 1,122 ft D+

Week 11:

  • 4 hours, 56 minutes running

  • 25.8 miles

  • 2,208 ft D+

On Saturday local trails started opening up again and I got a nice long run on dry dirt. It was wonderful.

Horsetooth Reservoir in transition from winter to spring