Superior training weeks one and two recap

I'm a little behind on running blogging. I'm going to summarize the first two weeks of my season in one post.

The only race I've signed up for so far is the 50 mile Superior Fall Trail Race. I've got lodging reserved at the finish line in Lutzen, Minnesota, tickets to Duluth, rental car reservations. Now I just need to get in shape. 24 weeks of training is my plan. Five four-week blocks of building endurance and one block of fine tuning, tapering, and racing. In the first block I'm ramping up from 2-3 days of running each week to five and doing some higher intensity workouts.

In week one I ran five days, including one speed workout, and one long run with people getting a preview of the Quad Rock course. It was fun being an ambassador of sorts for the event. After running it three of the last four years, I'm taking a year off. I'll be volunteering at an aid station instead. Here are the numbers for week one.

  • 7 hours, 19 minutes

  • 36.5 miles

  • 4626 ft D+

And for week two, in which I did my first back-to-back long runs.

  • 8 hours, 0 minutes

  • 39.1 miles

  • 5026 ft D+

April has been sort of cold and windy. I'm looking forward to milder weather.