Running in 2020

I ran 223 times in 2020, one fewer than in 2019, but I went longer, further, and higher.

  • 346 hours, 29 minutes (9% more than 2019)

  • 1737 miles (+2%)

  • 224,822 ft (+24%)

I'm happy about my achievements. Here's a short list of my favorites.

The South Ridge Trail at Horsetooth Open Space became one of my favorite trails in 2020. The views toward Masonville, Longs Peak, and the Front Range are amazing. I've been collecting photos from one switchback. I live in a dry land and it's especially dry in winter between the fall and spring snowstorms.

January 4

June 6

December 27

What are my favorite things about running? I like the beginnings of long runs when my stiff legs start to soften. The smell of pines. The crunch-crunch-crunch sound of my feet on sandy trails. Bird songs. Animal tracks in new snow. Friendly hikers and runners. Solitude. The flattening grade at the top of a climb. Thinking about computing problems on short runs with no computer around. Leftover tea in my thermos and an apple and listening to NPR on the drive home from Lory. Most of all, I appreciate how running recharged me whenever I got low in 2020. I hope I'll be able to rely on running again in 2021.