Never Summer training week fourteen recap

Another week of fair, if breezy and cool, weather. Good for running, unlike week fourteen of my 2019 season.

  • 12 hours, 39 minutes

  • 63.7 miles

  • 9925 feet D+

Just short of 10,000 feet of climbing for the week. I had four weeks with greater mileage last season, but only two with more elevation gain.

I went back to the gravel track for 5 minute repeats on Wednesday. My effort was half-hearted: I ran the same pace as I did for my last track workout in March, and according to my watch, at a lower HR. I might be more fit, but I didn't translate that into more speed this week.

I practiced yoga twice and sets of pushups, split squats, and step ups after my easy run on Friday. I skipped one weight-lifting session to do a little more computer work.

One thing I didn't slack off on this week: running uphill. I went for a steep 8 mile run in Lory State Park on Thursday. Eight miles is short for me these days, I didn't bring food or water for this one. Saturday I went for an all-morning run at Bobcat Ridge. Bobcat Ridge is the name of the city's natural area. The name of the ridge I summitted twice is Green Ridge.

Looking east at Horsetooth and Milner mountains from Green Ridge

Today I went twice up the Towers road, from the Soderberg trailhead to the radio and television facilities at the top of Horsetooth Mountain Open Space. A local runner that I follow on Strava did this five times on Saturday, but two was all I needed today.