Never Summer training week twelve recap

Week twelve, a rest and recovery week, is done.

  • 3 hours, 21 minutes

  • 18.6 miles

  • 1786 feet D+

Saturday of week eleven, alone, I ran farther and got more D+ than this. And then went almost as far with more than twice as much climbing on the next day. I ran 3 times in week twelve, went for a half-hour bike ride, practiced yoga once, and had two solid strength and conditioning workouts in my backyard. We hung our TRX straps up under the deck and I'm doing rows and split squats with my rear leg suspended. I did resistance band walks and step ups with dumbells on a 24" retaining wall. I did enough traveling pushups on a ball to get pretty sore.

I worked a little harder and longer at my job this past week, ran a few more errands, helped my oldest daughter paint her room. I made some nice meals for my family and did hours of yardwork. Monday, my running training ramps up again: two hill interval workouts and 60+ miles of running are coming up.

The Never Summer 100k race hasn't been cancelled or postponed yet, but Quad Rock has been postponed. Originally on May 9, it's been moved to August 15. That's 3 weeks after Never Summer (7/25-26). I suppose Never Summer could be moved to September, still a nice time of year to be in alpine country, but shorter days and colder weather might complicate further postponement. We'll see. I'm beginning to think about what kind of self-supported or family-supported adventure I might do as a replacement.