Never Summer training week eight recap

The second recovery week of my spring season is done.

  • 5 hours, 44 minutes

  • 33.1 miles

  • 2146 feet D+

I ran on 5 days, but did no speed workouts, no run taking more than 90 minutes. We've added dumbells and a BOSU ball to our home gym's equipment and I used those in two workout sessions during the week. Did you know that "humpbacked", in French, is "bossu"? A humpback whale is a "baleine à bosse".

I plan to keep running outdoors, but this week I made changes to where and when that I will stick to until the pandemic is over. It's not too hard for walkers to maintain six feet of distance, they're only passing people going in the other direction. A runner, on the other hand, is passing people in both directions, and more often. So, I'm avoiding the city's popular recreational trails, including my favorite Spring Creek trail, and when in town will be running on the nearly empty feeder streets. I need hills in my diet and don't want to avoid the nearby single track, but I'm going to go out earlier than I would otherwise like to avoid other users as much as possible. I feel good about this plan and so does my family.

I feel less good about not yet replacing the missing yoga in my schedule. Although I've been practicing regularly for years, even while I was living in France, I've been doing it in groups led by an instructor and have never cultivated a self-guided practice. I've heard people say that they have a hard time working at home. This is my experience with yoga. I'm finding it hard to get started.

Massage is another aspect of my training and recovery that I will be without. A foam roller and tennis ball aren't quite the same, but will have to suffice for a while.