Training week seven recap

I ran outdoors six days this week and did two speed workouts. I had a strength and conditioning workout on Monday, my only day off running, and yoga sessions Tuesday and Friday, so 1-2 activities a day. It was a pretty big week. I'm feeling tired but good.

  • 9:37 running time
  • 45.6 miles
  • 5217 feet D+

I ran one more hour this week than last and covered 3 fewer miles. This is because Saturday's long run was an epic slog with longtime FOSS4G compatriot and actual ultrarunner David Bitner through snow over the fifth and second climbs of the Quad Rock 50 course. I'd intended it to be the first and second climbs, but missed a turn. I missed three turns in all, and one of them took us up to Horsetooth Rock.

Wondering how I ever got a job in mapping

It snowed the night before our run and we had to do a bit of trail breaking. Otherwise, the conditions were great for running, no ice to speak of and good traction. This will drastically change this week.

It was great to catch up with David and absorb his sage advice about ultrarunning. Best outing of the year, for sure.