Training week six recap

The numbers:

  • 8:30 running time

  • 48.5 miles distance

  • 4268 feet D+

I bought new shoes last week and used them on all my trail runs this week. I still like the Speedgoat 3. Some reviewers have written that the max cushioning removes all trail feeel, but I must be a bit bigger than these reviewers because I still feel the trail. I feel it more gently, though, which suits me perfectly.

My Mom's hometown, Boise, ID has an extensive system of nicely planned trails. I ran 13 miles on dirt trails starting from the Cottonwood Creek trailhead above the VA hospital. Although steep in some sections, the trails were so smooth that I beat my Lory State Park pace by 2 minutes per mile. These trails were made for fast cruising.

Heading up on a packed snow trail

Beginning of the descent back to Boise