Black Squirrel 2018

The last runners arriving at Lory State Park before the race

I finished in 2:26:04, number 130 of 317 finishers. This was 2 minutes and 40 seconds slower than my time in 2015. Considering how many workouts I missed in August while on vacation at sea level and the extra pounds I'm dragging around, I have to be content. I am content. I took it extra easy on the climb, descended quickly, and went not rapidly but steadily on the rolling trail to the finish. I'm definitely better at running now than I was 3 years ago, even if I'm not in quite as good form at the moment.

Congratulations to Frank Pipp, the winner at 1:32:03, and Ruth Waller-Liddle, the first woman at 1:52:43. More congratulations to Nick and the Gnarr Runners for executing another fun and well-run race.

I don't have another race on my calendar, but am inspired to find another in October or November.