Dry and warm December

Due to a persistant ridge of high pressure over the western U.S., it has been and will continue to be unseasonably warm and dry in Fort Collins. We have had little precipitation this season and I spent some of Saturday watering our less-established trees and shrubs so they don't croak.


Suburban singletrack of Fort Collins

I've also been trail running on consecutive days for the first time since the Blue Sky Marathon. For the past 8 weeks I've mostly quit running in favor of biking, yoga, and muscle-building with a trainer. My knees complained a bit about the extra pound per week I've gained from gourmandizing, but overall it felt great to be back running on rock and dirt.

On Jan 7, I'm going to start training for the Quad Rock 25 in Lory State Park on May 12, 2018. I hope I'll be able to get in the right mindset to train when Winter finally arrives.