GeoJSON in Your Clipboard

One of the best properties of a text format, maybe the best property, is how easily it can cross application boundaries.

I'm in the midst of training myself to automatically use pbcopy and pbpaste on my Mac command line and have yet another example of how readily GeoJSON travels. After exporting GeoJSON from QGIS to your Mac's clipboard or paste buffer, you could also send it directly to using either the Node.js geojsonio-cli or Python geojsonio – by Jacob Wasserman, with additional Pandas and Jupyter integration features, a must-have Python module for my line of work – packages:

pbpaste | geojsonio

From your Qt GUI to the operating system clipboard, to the command line, to the web, and back to another GUI in your browser. As I keep saying, GeoJSON was never about replacing shapefiles in traditional GIS workflows; the format was intended to afford new methods and new workflows not easy or not possible with shapefiles and databases.