Current status

I've been neglecting my open source projects this summer due to time constraints. At Mapbox we've been onboarding a new President and COO and a raft of new employees, plus a manager for my team at Mapbox. These are hugely positive developments, but have also been a big lift. Moving back to Colorado and bringing our lives here out of suspension has similarly taken all of my personal time. I've been the blocker for new releases of Fiona, Rasterio, and Shapely all summer long and have been feeling rather guilty about it.

Things are looking up now. My kids are back in school and have seen their doctor and dentist. Their schedule of soccer practices and other activities for the season is getting settled quickly. I'm resuming weekly yoga and gym workouts along with my existing running schedule. I like having a weekly routine; it helps me stay relaxed and gives me time for personal projects like writing and computering.

Open source continues to be a big part of my job and as my share of the onboarding lift eases I've been able to increase my time on Fiona, Rasterio, and Shapely. I released the long overdue Shapely 1.6.0 and have supported the GeoPandas team on getting 0.3.0 out. Fiona 1.7.9 was the first bug fix release of that project since June and I'm happy to have that in user hands. This week I'm working on coding and writing about the upcoming Rasterio release. I feel like I'm doing a good job as an open source maintainer and mentor again and am excited about what I'll be able to do in the next few months.

None of these projects would be viable without the help of other developers. To my open source collaborators: thanks for hanging in there and being patient with me!