Shapely 1.6.0

On behalf of the Shapely project, I'm pleased to announce a new minor release.

Shapely 1.6.0 adds several new attributes to existing geometry classes and new split() and polylabel() functions to the shapely.ops module. Exceptions have been consolidated in a shapely.errors module and logging practices have been improved. Shapely's optional features depending on Numpy are now gathered into a requirements set named "vectorized" and these may be installed by running pip install shapely[vectorized].

Much of the work on 1.6.0 was aimed to improve the project's build and packaging scripts and to minimize runtime requirements. Shapely now vendorizes packaging to use during builds only and never attempts to invoke the geos-config utility during import of the module.

Another big change for the project is that the documentation and manual are now hosted at Read the Docs:

Thank you all for using, promoting, and contributing (48 of us now!) to the Shapely project. The full change log can be found here.

Share and enjoy.