Building I-Ds and RFCs with CircleCI

In the IETF GeoJSON WG we're using the technique described in RFC 7328 -- Writing I-Ds and RFCs Using Pandoc and a Bit of XML to write our drafts and GitHub to collaborate on the Markdown sources. I've configured CircleCI to build HTML, nroff, text, and XML editions of the draft on each push and pull request to catch issues that break the draft building toolchain. I'm not fluent with RFC editor XML and mess up the tagging regularly, so this is helping the WG quite a bit.

Recently I woke up to the possibilities in saving the text and HTML editions as CircleCI build artifacts. Here's the circle.yml file from

    version: 2.7.10

    - sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install pandoc
    - pip install -U pip
    - pip install xml2rfc

    - make
    - head draft.txt

    - draft.txt
    - draft.html

Under the Artifacts tab on a CircleCI build page, there's a browseable folder hierarchy that exposes links to draft.html and draft.txt.

I should have done this sooner! I may look into including some of the IETF tools like idnits and idspell.