Rasterio 0.15 and a cheat sheet

Here is what's new in Rasterio 0.15. The biggest changes are the ones under the hood to permit opening non-TIFF formats in 'r+' and 'w' modes. The one API change was made to align better with Numpy: any output keyword args are superceded by out and we warn you about future removal of output. In the command line programs we're adding -f and --format as preferred aliases for the older --driver option. We're closing in on the programming and command line interfaces that will be finalized in 1.0.

Inspired by Derek Watkins, I've begun a Fiona/Rasterio/Shapely cheat sheet modeled after his popular GDAL/OGR command line cheat sheet. It's been a great rubric for identifying the key features that should be in the Fiona and Rasterio CLIs. It also has fun examples of using fio and rio with GNU Parallel, jq, and geojsonio-cli.

$ fio cat input.shp --x-json-seq-no-rs \
> | parallel --pipe "jq -c 'select(.id==\"10\")'" \
> | fio collect \
> | geojsonio

0.15 features in the cheat sheet include version inspection,

$ rio --version

format driver enumeration,

$ rio env --formats
AAIGrid: Arc/Info ASCII Grid
ADRG: ARC Digitized Raster Graphics
AIG: Arc/Info Binary Grid
ARG: Azavea Raster Grid format
AirSAR: AirSAR Polarimetric Image
ZMap: ZMap Plus Grid

and stacking raster bands to produce new multiband datasets.

$ rio stack tests/data/RGB.byte.tif --bidx 1..3 -o stacked.jpg -f JPEG