YLT covers NRBQ's Ridin' in My Car

I know everybody else is using Pandora and Spotify and what not these days, but here at home we're doubling down on actual 87.7 to 108.0 MHz radio. We give to KCFR (Colorado Public Radio) and WFMU (Jersey City, New York, the Internet). I'm wearing my WFMU donor swag T-shirt from 2012 in this photo. This past March 14, while I was packing to go to Santa Clara for PyCon, I made a song request during Yo La Tengo's all-request fundraising show. The band played it, I nearly wet myself with glee... and now just a few minutes ago, after searching for the first time in months (I'd almost given up), I've found it on SoundCloud and am experiencing uncomfortable levels of glee all over again: https://soundcloud.com/fonsessions/ridin-in-my-car-nrbq-cover-yo?in=fonsessions/sets/yo-la-tengo-wfmu-all-request.


Definitely a highlight of 2013.