First blog post at MapBox

I've made my first post for the MapBox blog: Mapping the open web using GeoJSON. It's a roundup of products and services at work that employ GeoJSON and a bit of an explanation of why the format fits MapBox so well. I work at a company that puts developers first, and GeoJSON is a format that also puts developers first.

What I didn't mention in the post is how much I see the format used for getting things done everyday at work. Cutline for gdalwarp? GeoJSON. Need to share some data in a Gist with another developer? GeoJSON. Quick map to help someone get from A to B? GeoJSON. Of course this is what the GeoJSON authors were hoping to make possible, but it's pretty exciting to see it happening, and in unanticipated ways.

Blogging at MapBox is super slick thanks to the engineering work Mike Morris wrote about recently and I found the amount and quality of feedback fascinating – seven different people collaborated with me on the post in one way or another. I'm looking forward to the next one.