Fiona 1.0

At last, 1.0:

Fiona is OGR's neat, nimble, no tears API. It is a Python library, not a GIS library, and is designed for Python programmers who appreciate:

  • Simplicity and less code.
  • Familiar Python types and protocols like files, dicts, and iterators instead of classes specific to GIS.
  • GeoJSON style feature records.
  • Reading and writing single and multi-layer files.
  • Reading zipped data, too.
  • A handy command line tool that upgrades "ogr2ogr -f GeoJSON".
  • Comprehensive tests.
  • 15 pages of narrative documentation.

I've had lots of help getting to this stage. Thanks, everybody!

The name? At first it was a Shrek reference, but now it's just a probably too cute but hopefully not too annoying recursive bacronym.

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