Gearing up for LAWDI

I'm beginning to work on my presentation for the upcoming Linked Ancient World Data Institute at ISAW. Here's what I'd like to accomplish in three bullets.

  • Engage attendees in thinking outside the database and thinking and talking about the architecture of the web.

  • Make a case for using HTTP URIs (aka URLs) whenever possible instead of other identifiers or addresses.

  • Talk about using links in data for doing work (using verbs) in contrast to using linked data for reasoning (with nouns).

How to turn expertly curated non-linked data (digital scholarly editions of texts, etc) into RDF is one linked data problem, the one we're most familiar with and most focused on. How to use semantic web architecture and links to initiate and curate "born-linked" data is another interesting and important set of problems – to me, at least, and I hope to be able to make it compelling to everyone else.

Pleiades remains the only classics project in the Linked Open Data cloud today ( and I'd also like to talk about how other projects can join it, but time may be too short for this.