I'm going to be in Santa Clara, CA, Thursday evening through Sunday morning to attend PyCon US 2013. I'm not presenting, but signed up to be the runner for a scientific Python session on Saturday afternoon. Although I'm working in the humanities, (just between you and me) I'm still a science and engineering type at heart and I haven't found much of a humanities computing presence at PyCon. I hope to see you there.

The conference is moving to Montréal next year. Summer, I hope!


Re: PyCon

Author: Martin Davis

If I were you I would wish for Montreal in September. Summer is pretty hot and sticky! Fall is beatiful, though - especially if you happen to hit the 2-week window where the leaves change colour. (I know you get nice fall colours in the Front Range, but nothing beats Northeastern North America in the fall. Speaking as someone from the Wet Coast, where the dominant fall colour is misty green...)

Re: PyCon

Author: Sean

Good point. I'll happily roll with whatever the locals pick, though I'm more likely to be able to stick around for the sprints if it's a family vacation.