Python and WFS?

Searches for "wfs python" are driving visitors to my blog all of a sudden. I'm sorry that there's not much here on the subject in the last 4 years or so. In theory, Python should be a great fit for OGC web feature services. The language allows runtime creation of types, and so the descriptions of feature types discovered in a WFS can be turned into actual Python classes on the fly. All the benefits of the Python type system without the brittleness you'd expect from compiling code against the WFS capabilities and feature type descriptions. But we don't see much of this in action. Python's XML libs are adequate – the lxml interface to libxml2 is killer, even – so there's no lack of a foundation. Is it a cultural issue? Has WFS become a technology that's only used by "viewer" type clients? Is potential WFS client work going into Javascript or desktop (and this means .NET/C++/etc) clients instead? Maybe the searches mean the situation is changing?