On the 22nd of May, I will be arriving in Minneapolis for the North American edition of the FOSS4G conference and on the next day I will be presenting a talk entitled GeoJSON is Spectacularly Wrong. I had also submitted a Python GIS talk and was surprised and concerned when both were accepted because there's no way I could pull off two. I'd enjoy talking about Python programming a little more, but it looks like the community is slightly more interested in GeoJSON. I hope that I didn't chose the wrong topic. Thursday night I'll be at the fancy shindig and because open source GIS events always need more dudes I will be bringing my brother. Friday I'll be sticking around to hack and catch up with what's going on in the field. It's been a long time since I've been to one of these conferences. Maybe I can share my Python 3 porting experience or offer a "show me your Python script and I'll show you how to make it measurably better/faster, or your money back" service. Yes, like in 2003, I'm going to a Yo la Tengo show one of the nights (here in Colorado, which is why I'm arriving late). No, unlike in 2003 I'm not driving.

The following week I'm going to be at Drew University in Madison, NJ, for the second part of ISAW and Drew's Linked Ancient World Data Institute. Just between you and me, I'm a bit burned out on talking about linked data; it's long past time to just start producing and using linked data to get stuff done. I believe that's what we're going to try to do at Drew this year.


Re: Upcoming

Author: J. Jones

I was excited when I saw you appear on the preliminary program, and am of course looking forward to (or not) hearing the latest reminder of my beloved just-good-enough wire format. While I won't be in Minny, i'll eagerly await the posting of the full presentation. That, and whatever those great guys at the NWS are presenting Digital Weather forecasts with open tools (plug, plug).