Python GIS workshop at FOSS4G

FOSS4G workshop W-06 looks like a bonanza:

Python is becoming a solid development platform for the web and the geospatial domain. One of the advantages of Python for developing GIS applications is the number of high-quality tools it counts in the geospatial domain. Examples include Shapely, Mapnik, GeoDjango, TileCache, Python bindings for OGR/GDAL. This workshop presents a number of Python tools, libraries and frameworks, and shows how to use them together to create solid and efficient web-mapping applications. More specifically, the workshop covers the Shapely and GeoJSON libraries from the GIS Python Lab. It shows how to use these libraries together with SQLAlchemy and its GIS extension, GeoAlchemy, to create HTTP web services in an application developed with the Pylons web development framework. The workshop then teaches how to use MapFish to make the development of GIS web services easier. Finally the workshop demonstrates how to secure tile accesses by pluging TileCache in a MapFish application and making use of repoze.who and repoze.what for the security layer.



Author: Kurt Schwehr

That's quite the list of python packages to cover. Thanks for the post as I had been interest in pylons, but I got annoyed that they were not doing point release tars before. You caused me to go an look... and they now have a pylons 1.0 tar. Yeah!