Geo-annotating tweets

Twitter annotations seem to make some great new location applications possible. Agree on a key, use a URI that resolves to a map or KML as a value, and you're on the map.

annotations: [
  {key: "where", value: ""}


Re: Geo-annotating tweets

Author: Alex

I have two (completely different) suggestions for this:

For one, i've created a URI scheme named "geo:" with a friend of mine - it's currently going through IETF standardization, and will be a Standards Track RFC soon: - The nice thing about "geo" URIs is that they are independent of any web mapping service - the URI itself contains the coordinates. Given that this is going to be an RFC soon, it should be supported quite broadly - Android phones do already support such addresses!

Second, i'm running a short URL service at specifically for creating short links for maps. Space might not be a problem in Tweet Annotations, but it's still useful to have very short links for map services if you want to include the link in the Tweet itself. An example of such a map is


Re: Geo-annotating tweets

Author: Sean

I prefer http: URIs because they leverage all of HTTP and the web and aren't limited to single points on the globe. They're useful for identifying complex features that would overflow conventional limits on URI length and for identifying "fuzzy" or fictional places.