Place de la Canourgue

This little place is a gem, and its immediate environs the most pleasant spot we've found in Montpellier. According to the Routard, it was cleared to make way for a new church in the early 17th century. When that project was abandoned, the grounds became public.

It appears as a little green patch in OpenStreetMap and from the Googlesat. The Google has a decent street view too, but tonight it looked like this:

Update (2009-08-01): I don't know my way around OSM very well, and just now stumbled onto another representation of Place de la Canourgue at This one has links to its nodes and connected ways. Are these "browse" URLs as cool as they look like they could be?


Re: Place de la Canourgue

Author: ReLuc

This street has been remade during this year, and it's very nice.