Showing support for GIS-Python software

The Geojson, Rtree, Shapely, and OWSLib packages all originated in Pleiades, a digital project sponsored by the NEH Office of Digital Humanities, and run out of, first, the University of North Carolina's Ancient World Mapping Center, and, now, New York University's Institute for the Study of the Ancient World. All but Shapely are now at least partially lead by developers not at AWMC or ISAW. I'm proud of the fact that elements of Pleiades are being reused by different developers in new contexts, and plan to make their utility and broad appeal a part of future proposals for the development of geographic applications in the digital humanities. I'd like to see other stakeholders making similar appeals.

Are these packages important to you and your company or organization? Do you appreciate them? If so, kindly consider sharing your appreciation with the internet community and potential sponsors therein by writing a short blurb on our wiki. It's the next best thing to blogging fanatically about them. Thanks!


Re: Showing support for GIS-Python software

Author: Venkatesh Raghavan

My sincere appreciation to Sean Gillies and Pleiades. Our recent project

on GPS tracking has greatly benefited form Shapely and we hope to use other

tools like OWSLib in our future work.