Dissecting recovery.gov

Speaking of the recovery.gov overhaul, Erik Wilde has been digging into recovery.gov from the start and has some excellent recommendations for open, transparent architecture. It's essential reading, and entirely apart from the private vs. public foodfight that Darrell Issa is engaged in.

A few years ago, I would have said that ESRI was genetically incapable of implementing an open, transparent architecture. The original Geospatial One Stop made a mockery of the web (and remains so). But there have been some signs that things are changing: bookmarkable search results, OpenSearch descriptions discoverable via links in http://geoss.esri.com/geoportal/catalog/main/home.page, Atom feeds with GeoRSS elements. It's no longer a laughable proposition.


Re: Dissecting recovery.org

Author: Sean Gorman

Just double checking that you mean recovery.gov and not recovery.org which is run by Onvia a private company?

Still fighting the good fight and the folks at recovery.gov are paying attention to what the community is posting on open and transparent architectures. Although the geo-working group has been postponed while the overhaul is considered. Hopefully it will be reconstituted and continue in the right direction.



Re: Dissecting recovery.gov

Author: Sean

Thank you for catching my error.

Re: Dissecting recovery.gov

Author: James Fee

Wonders if ESRI should just buy Recovery.com and run with it. Sean G., you might be on to something here.