Geo + AtomPub

Google Maps Data API. We have been telling you AtomPub would be a pretty big deal for a couple years now. Have you been working on your HTTP chops in that time?


Re: Geo + AtomPub

Author: Jason Birch

Yeah, it's cool. I like the OpenSearch integration.

I'm not sure I like that public feature feeds need to be wrapped in Atom and accessed via a Google Auth. Maybe I'm missing something and there are other public ways to get straight KML (and other?) representations.

I'd have liked to see a JSON-based alternate--working with XML makes me itchy--but I guess I can't really expect that with the strong investment in GDATA.

Re: Geo + AtomPub

Author: Sean

Well, there are the URIs for KML via the MyMaps permalinks. You'd think they'd be linked to from the map feeds unless they've something else in the works.