Commenting on OGC WMTS

I finally caught wind of the OGC's request for comments on the Candidate Web Map Tiling Service Standard via Geoff Zeiss with 11 days remaining to comment. Not for lack of OGC press releases, it's just that I don't follow that particular media very closely. I have sent in a "public comment" advising the authors on how to better follow the REST style. To be honest, I'd rather the OGC stayed away from REST, but if it won't, I'll insist it's done properly and doesn't misinform mainstream GIS developers. I'll even try to help as much as the OGC's closed process will allow. Supposedly, the OGC's comment list is open to the public. I've registered, but it's coming up on 24 hours and I have received neither confirmation of receipt of my comment nor have I been subscribed to the list. Frankly, the public comment process isn't very smooth. Does the OGC actually expect comments? Will there be any others? I'm curious to find out. Meanwhile, I've started a discussion on geo-web-rest by posting my comment verbatim, and will write a bit more about the candidate standard here.

Update (2009-03-21): I'm subscribed to the list, finally, thanks to intervention by the manager. I'm not sure whether the normal subscription process is working or not.


Re: Commenting on OGC WMTS

Author: Allan Doyle

My comments on the geo-web-rest are a bit of a shot in the dark. I'm not clicking "Accept" on the OGC click-through license. I've tried many times to get OGC to stop using them but it's a bit like tilting at windmills.