Shapely 1.0.11 and onward

If I were superstitious, I wouldn't post a link to Tests pass, the release candidate checked out, it's good to go. There's a Windows installer (containing GEOS 3.0.0) as well as generic sdist.

GEOS 3.1 is now on the horizon. The next minor version of Shapely – presuming all its users haven't been shed – will use prepared geometries to make iterative operations rip, and we'll continue to refactor and improve the code. Integration with Numpy is not as efficient as it could be, and I'd like to switch to a cleaner implementation of memoization using a decorator. I've been asked if there will ever be a version of Shapely that works with Google's App Engine. Unless Google builds GEOS (or something like it that could be accessed through ctypes) into the environment, such a thing would require rather a lot of Python programming. I suspect an automated translation of JTS from Java to Python would produce sub-optimal code. In other words: doubtful, but patches are gratefully accepted.