Python, MapServer, and WSGI

To enable this is why I added an OWSRequest class and image byte access to mapscript. I'm glad they are getting used.

I was pleased to stumble onto Brent's blog a week ago: I spent my undergrad afternoons working in a molecular biology lab and still dabble in genomics. His genome browser inspired me to see OpenLayers as more than a web GIS tool.


Re: Python, MapServer, and WSGI

Author: Tim Maddle

I've found the MapScript OWSRequest capability invaluable for overlaying layers in Google Earth, so don't doubt that it's a valuable feature.

Re: Python, MapServer, and WSGI

Author: brent

hi sean, good to hear i've inspired you somehow. i'm an avid reader (and user) of your code and blog. i'm really having fun with mapscript lately.