Shapely Mention

It feels good to read about Shapely being put to use in EveryBlock alongside OpenLayers, Mapnik, PostGIS, OGR, and TileCache.


Re: Shapely Mention

Author: Allan Doyle

That EveryBlock blog post sure shows the good side of the open source geo stack. A refreshing change from this and this.

Re: Shapely Mention

Author: Matt Priour

I have a question about both Shapely & Worldmill. Do either of them depend on the OGR library or can either of them be used without having that library available?

Re: Shapely Mention

Author: Sean

The Windows installer for Shapely includes a GEOS DLL and has no other dependencies. My intention is to one day include the GDAL DLL in WorldMill.

Re: Shapely Mention

Author: Yves Moisan

I had the same feeling as Allan about the page you point us to : it's a refreshing post. GE is becoming so entrenched in certain sectors of activities that people tend to forget they just can't simply copy/paste their images in a report without infringing satellite photo license terms and I'm sure a whole list of other legal terms. One nasty side effect of GE's ubiquitousness is that it further subdues the meaning of free as in freedom. Why bother with freedom when we have it all in GE? Still, GE definitely is a useful tool and kml output is so easy to generate these days ...