Rtree 0.4 and Spatialindex 1.3

I'm pleased to announce the releases of Rtree 0.4 and spatialindex 1.3.0. The only thing standing between us and Rtree 1.0 is the Windows support coming in spatialindex 1.4.

Like Shapely (1.0 release last Friday; toot, toot!), Rtree is designed to be a specialized, highly-reusable Python interface to an industrial-strength library. It doesn't do formats. It doesn't do projections. It's not a CGI program. It's a building block that does one thing well and otherwise stays out of your way. It indexes spatial data and provides query mechanisms, and that's all it does.


Re: Rtree 0.4 and Spatialindex 1.3

Author: Matthew Giger

That's a great tool! It would be truly awesome if someone could put Rtree support into SQLite, making it a true competitor to Postgresql.

Re: Rtree 0.4 and Spatialindex 1.3

Author: Sean

Thanks. They'd probably want to use the spatialindex lib instead of the Python package.