Howard Butler pointed out that "Ogre" is already taken by a gaming graphics library, and "Refinery" seemed to imply that OGR is raw and crude. I've wanted a name that resonated with the sounds and smells of a machine shop. "Mill" is just about right.

Now, the new benchmark times. The script is now in the Subversion repository: I've added to the block the code that is equivalent to the extra (and extra handy) baggage carried by WorldMill, the marshaling of Python collection (OGR layer) schema and feature data. This stuff is compiled in WorldMill, interpreted with, and the performance difference is obvious:

sean@lenny:~/Projects/WorldMill$ PYTHONPATH=src python
WorldMill (Cython)
8633.75 usec/pass (new bindings)
22740.06 usec/pass

Enough blogging, here it is: WorldMill 0.1.

Update: the new benchmarks involve a 50 record shapefile that's distributed with WorldMill, hence the timing differences from the previous benchmarks.