GeoJSON 1.0a1

After talking with Chris and seeing Camptocamp's plans for using JSON between the client and server sides of Cartoweb 4, I am going to get with the GeoJSON draft again. To help out, I have updated GeoJSON, tagged it as 1.0a1, and uploaded it to the Python Package Index: It complements Shapely like this:

>>> from shapely.geometry import Point
>>> point = Point(0.0, 0.0)
>>> import geojson
>>> geojson.dumps(point)
'{"type": "Point", "coordinates": [0.0, 0.0]}'


Re: GeoJSON 1.0a1

Author: Christopher Schmidt , linked from the pypi page, is a 404. exists. (I like the former better.)

Re: GeoJSON 1.0a1

Author: Sean

Fixed. [wiki:GeoJSON] it is.