Finding me at FOSS4G

I've put myself on the hook to explain a few different things outside of my scheduled presentation (3pm Tuesday, Saanich Room, after the GeoDjango talk): how to sanely manage map service auth and customization, how to do data processing using HTTP/1.1 only (no WPS). Maybe you want you ask me to pitch your product on my blog (I won't), or ask me to pour you some REST kool-aid (I will), or throw rotten vegetables (which I will nimbly dodge). It's the biggest open source (and special proprietary guests) GIS conference ever (take a bow, Paul Ramsey). I have no booth and my physical appearance is modal (sedentary white male). How then are you going to find me? Shouldn't be too hard; i'm a Free Software Zealot, and you can borrow the special glasses from almost any OSGeo member that will reveal my true form.