Ahoy! PP to Starboard


Now, thar be first-class privateerin'. Cap'n Perry dug up the secret of doublin' ye firepower. Matey, if ye not be comin' to Victoria, send me the address of ye home port, and I be rowin' o'er to the Mothership tonight to fetch ye booty.


Re: Ahoy! PP to Starboard

Author: Rob McCulley

Thanks Sean and Matt!! I had never heard of pp before this, and even after Sean mentioned it the other day, I didn't really think much of it, but after Matt posted his example, I jumped on the bandwagon. Here are my results: http://www.vermilion-river.ab.ca/rural-routes/?p=7

Re: Ahoy! PP to Starboard

Author: Sean

Good stuff, Rob! I'll look for you next week in Victoria.