Geo at Plone4Artists Sprint

All Points Blog. David Siedband and Sally Kleinfeldt are working on implementing the interfaces of Plone Maps and zgeo.geographer for GPS-tagged digital photos uploaded to Plone, making it easy to make a Google Map or provide GeoRSS feeds of photo locations.


Re: Geo at Plone4Artists Sprint

Author: Yves Moisan

"GPS-tagged digital photos". I've seen there are gadgets that allow one to GPS-tag one's photos, but is that mainstream technology ? If so, I guess all it does is attach a coordinate to the point where the photograh was taken, so the GPS info with respect to the photograph *content* is only exact if one is taking a picture vertically down looking at the ground with a FOV print that approximately covers GPS x-y uncertainty ;-). Are there ways to include also a line of sight bearing and a FOV, the first being the locational device's responsibility (some electronic compass with the GPS unit?) and the second being the responsibility of the camera (some function of the zoom level) ? I guess bearing information could be derived by the user purposely walking straight ahead a few 10's of meters in the direction he wants to take a picture and then shoot. Zoom level, I don't know. With that additional info, the GPS point would be the apex of an irregular polygon more or less matching the content of the picture. That polygon could then be used in spatial searches to find out which pictures cover some ground area. Just thinking out loud.

Re: Geo at Plone4Artists Sprint

Author: Sean

Yves, there are GPS-equipped cameras on the market that write the location of the device to the image headers. Not cheap, but certainly mainstream. Good points about the field of view. I don't think David and Sally are trying to solve that problem.