GeoSummit Conclusion

Update: from Peter Batty.

Our unconference went well. We even had parallel sessions twice. It was a pleasure to meet fellow bloggers (I'm joking, I don't think any of us identify primarily as "bloggers") Peter Batty, Chris Haller and John Spinney, who had great answers to my dumb questions about local positioning and mobile networks. G. H. Chinoy gave us all a detailed, candid breakdown of .NET and Java WorldWinds, from which we made tangential forays into the pros and cons of government-lead open source development. Brian Timoney shared some killer tips on KML applications served from S3 and demonstrated web-based spatial analysis linked to Google Earth that has serious business value. Who cares if it's not "real" GIS? His workshop at FOSS4G is not to be missed.

Thanks to everyone for coming out, and an extra big thanks to Tom Churchill for hosting. I'm still partially mesmerized by his last demo of the day.