Role for JP2 in RESTful Web Services?

Recently, I wrote about a maximally connected resource-oriented alternative to the OSGeo Tiled Map Service (TMS). Readers mainly objected to the double request: one to get a map image tile, one more to get links to its neighbors or links to higher/lower resolution. Is this prohibitive? Without trying, I can't say, but it does occur to me that more sophisticated enterprisey systems might use JPEG 2000, with URIs of neighboring tiles stored in the JP2 XML box. One request per tile, and I'm still using hypermedia as the engine of application state.

If JP2 + XML is good enough for T.J. Hooker, Jr. (top of the article's lead-off graphic), it's good enough for me.


Re: Role for JP2 in RESTful Web Services?

Author: Matthew Giger

Actually you could probably put xml in the comments fields of standard jpegs and png files and have the same thing. The overhead makes it not such a good tiling format, unless the tiles are like 8k by 8k images. JP2 is far better for distributing large images with the ability to efficiently pan within.