Stop Using Mapscript: Almost There

MapServer revision 6064 (my first contribution in quite a while) has an example of loading a mapfile from a string: fragments.txt. We're getting very close to the point where we can practically stop using mapscript. Users, feel free to add comments to this feature's story.


Re: Stop Using Mapscript: Almost There

Author: Al

I am just getting into MapServer and have found your posts to be very enlightening. I have only gotten to the point that I can see how I would use MapScript to overlay a map with icons positioned via data in a MySQL DB. Is it possible to duplicate that sort of functionality with map files? Any pointers on where I could see examples of that? Thanks, Al

Re: Stop Using Mapscript: Almost There

Author: Sean

Al, you can use the mapfile language to define an OGR wrapper for your MySQL table. Google for "mapserver ogr virtual mysql" and you'll find examples.