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Tomato Processing

fresh roma tomatoes

Here's a brief follow-up about my vegetable garden. June was abnormally hot, but cool enough at night for tomatoes to set fruit. We've had all-you-can-eat tomatoes since July 1, and the eggplant and chiles kicked in three weeks later.

August has been much cooler, which means I can spend less time watering and more time processing tomatoes for storage. We get 2+ liters of primo Roma tomatoes every 3 or 4 days. Nick the bottoms with a paring knife, dunk them into boiling water two pints at a time for 15 seconds, and the skins peel away effortlessly. The tomatoes go into bags with the bare minimum metadata, and then into my deep freezer -- destined for a late autumn pasta sauce, or a mid-winter stracotto.

fresh roma tomatoes

Damn It Feels Good to be a Developer

Paul Ramsey swings his clue-by-four:

Open source is not about users, it is about developers. It is only about users in so far as users become sufficiently engaged in the project that they either become developers themselves, or support developers through careful bug finding or documentation.

I'd add that Open Source is for integrators too. End users not so much.

Update: Those of you who aren't persuaded by Paul Ramsey -- have a listen to Steve Ballmer.

Kai and PrimaGIS in Seattle

Excellent! Kai's talk is accepted and on the Plone Conference agenda.


We are psyched!

Author: Jon Stahl

Sitting here at Seattle Plone Users watching Josh Livni demo Pleiades -- we are *really* psyched to see all of the Plone + GIS lovin' at Plone Conference in 8 short weeks!

PleiadesGeocoder and PleiadesOpenLayers

In my 200th post I wrote about the Pleiades project and our intent to be geospatial leaders for the Plone community and the digital humanities. Release early, release often is a part of the philosophy that Pleiades is porting from the open source software movement. Two months into the project, we're releasing a couple of simple and useful products for Plone: a geocoder, PleiadesGeocoder, and a map, PleiadesOpenLayers.


Re: PleiadesGeocoder and PleiadesOpenLayers

Author: Chris Holmes

OpenLayers in Plone. Sweet! Geocoder sounds cool also. I'm going to have to get our member map on OpenPlans going when I get some hacking time.

Re: PleiadesGeocoder and PleiadesOpenLayers

Author: Joel Lawhead