PleiadesGeocoder and PleiadesOpenLayers

In my 200th post I wrote about the Pleiades project and our intent to be geospatial leaders for the Plone community and the digital humanities. Release early, release often is a part of the philosophy that Pleiades is porting from the open source software movement. Two months into the project, we're releasing a couple of simple and useful products for Plone: a geocoder, PleiadesGeocoder, and a map, PleiadesOpenLayers.


Re: PleiadesGeocoder and PleiadesOpenLayers

Author: Chris Holmes

OpenLayers in Plone. Sweet! Geocoder sounds cool also. I'm going to have to get our member map on OpenPlans going when I get some hacking time.

Re: PleiadesGeocoder and PleiadesOpenLayers

Author: Joel Lawhead