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PrimaGIS 0.5.1

Kai has just released PrimaGIS 0.5.1, which requires an upgrade to ZCO 0.7.1. Important changes in this release include:

  • Use of the ZCO MapRendererTool (portal_gis)
  • Upgrade of MochiKit library to version 1.2
  • Integration of Tim Schaub's Javascript scalebar.
  • Alpha blending for the background of the zoom-in box (thanks jlivni)

Dublin Code Sprint

Nevermind the ESRI Developer Summit; the place to be next month is Dublin, Ireland, for the first ever Python Cartographic Library and PrimaGIS code sprint. It's hosted by OpenApp, and scheduled for 8-10 March. The current goals are to port PrimaGIS to Zope3, improve the Python Cartographic Library, and bring key new programmers up to speed on the projects. Goals may be modified as interest warrants. We have 4 already (Con Hennessy, Michael Kerrin, Kai Hanninen, and me) and have room for up to 3 others. Details, including contact information, are at


I cannot thank OpenApp enough for their support, this is going to be great!

Open Source Geospatial Foundation

As expected, the meeting was a success. I am really pleased with the interim Board of Directors. Gary Lang has impressed me, and I've already met Arnulf Christl (of MapBender), Markus Neteler (GRASS), Frank Warmerdam (GDAL), and Chris Holmes (GeoServer). I trust all of them to get things off to a good start.

Incubating Everyone

The principals of the emerging geospatial software foundation have discussed adopting the concept of a project incubator from the Apache Software Foundation. New projects would be developed in the incubator framework until they had demonstrated viability, and then would be promoted to full foundation project status. The ASF makes no technical requirements, and concerns itself only with the vigor of projects, meritocracy, and clarity of copyright and intellectual property issues.

MapServer and MapGuide

According to the All Points Blog, Autodesk's new open source licensed successor to MapGuide will be named ... MapGuide. I've been trying to make the point that project name churn doesn't help the foundation cause at all, and I'm happy to see that all parties have arrived at the same conclusion. MapServer remains MapServer, MapGuide remains MapGuide, and the projects move on to new business. I'll be suprised if we don't now see a stampede towards MapTools as a foundation name.