OS and GeoDRM: Only the Half of It


Reading Ed Parson's post about GeoDRM this morning, I imagine him holding a Sony-esque geo-rootkit CD and pondering the implications of its distribution. He writes:

This raises a more fundamental question in my mind, are such protective technologies really worth the effort, sure they reduce the perceived risk of data leakage in the mind of the data owner, but as DVD Jon has proved such systems can nearly always be broken. We don't currently protect data in this way, and I would suggest continuing not to and relying on other legal means may be the best route forward.

The other fundamental question to ask is whether data providers can risk turning away innovators that don't appreciate being treated like criminals.


Re: OS and GeoDRM: Only the Half of It

Author: Ed Parsons

Sean, No root kits here I promise, you are right the key point here is around trust and the traditional IP owners view of risk. It is difficult for traditional publishers of information to move into the post Google world, without feeling very insecure. We need always to balance the rights of owners of information with those who want to exploit it, and to allow the innovation as you point out needs the current "restrictions" to be reduced - I have no argument with that .. it is just going to take some time ed

Re: OS and GeoDRM: Only the Half of It

Author: Sean

Ed, thanks for being a good sport about my dramatization. The world is changing quickly, but one constant is that vendors who trust their users will be appreciated and rewarded. I hope that other CTOs are listening to you about this.