Plone Sprint Summary

So, what did we accomplish? In no particular order:

  • Build scripts for PCL and deprecation of older setup scripts. Sally, Jen, Lexi, Josh, and Chris did this dirty work.

  • Improvements to the PrimaGIS demo. Josh Livni has the Midas Touch.

  • Con merged code from OpenApp's ongoing project -- the most advanced Zope3 and GIS application in the world -- back into the ZCO and PrimaGIS trunks.

  • A working quadtree index for Plone (or Zope3) content with doctests. Shaun Walbridge did most of the typing while I tried to explain the Zope3 adapter pattern. He also came up with a simply brilliant interface. To make spatial queries against a container of objects we just adapt the container to ISpatialIndex. Once you try it you'll agree it has the right feel.

  • Myroslav had great ideas for common geospatial interfaces and we have a roadmap for a new interface package that will help our products interoperate.

  • Kai has the PCL, ZCO, and PrimaGIS trunks working with the Plone 3.0 branch that should be released in March 2007. He also improved the way our renderer looks up cartographic styles, and the demo application is now blazing fast. In theory, our map renderer -- based objects in memory -- should be able to out perform a stateless MapServer CGI that reads its configuration from disk. I think we're finally there.

I've got several more entries about the conference to write, but don't worry: I'll be back to GeoDRM bashing and REST advocacy in due time.


Re: Plone Sprint Summary

Author: Joel

Thanks to everyone involved in helping this excellent project leap forward!