The Open Planning Project Hires Ian Bicking

TOPP, which employs Chris Holmes and sponsors GeoServer, just hired Ian Bicking. I've been reading Bicking's blog for a while now, and am hoping that they get him involved a bit in Python geospatial stuff.

Update: made corrections based on a comment.


Re: OpenPlans Hires Ian Bicking

Author: Chris Holmes

Unfortunately there's no plans for Ian to do geospatial stuff. Though we've got an intern (Mike) this summer looking in to GeoServer + OpenPlans integration through PrimaGIS, and if he manages a nice proof of concept geospatial may enjoy a higher priority. It looks like we may need the Zope3 branch for compatibility with OpenPlans, so hopefully it's far enough along that Mike can get things working. Thanks to everyone on the ZCO channel who's helped him out so far. Oh, and a bit of clarification - The Open Planning Project is our employer, OpenPlans is the project that Ian's hired to work on.