What do you know: our first severe weather warning of the season. A band of thunderstorms is headed up I-25. Better get the quilts and comforters ready.

I must say that the new NWS radar web app is almost as bad as the prospect of losing my garden to hail. It's too clever by far, slow to load, and sporadically takes down my browser (Firefox). I thought AJAX was going to kill crappy applets forever, but apparently word hasn't gotten to everyone yet. The previous incarnation of the page worked just fine for me, and I'm missing it now.

Update: dodged that bullet! Also, a reader points out in the comments that I overlooked a link to the "classic" NWS radar pages.



Author: Max

Have you noticed the "Goto: Standard Version" link towards the top of the page? It brings up the radar_lite.php version, which is just an image: It's almost the old, but with a different color scheme.


Author: Sean

Right in front of my eyes. Max, thanks for the tip. I'm a happy boy.