GIS in the Rockies

Next month I'll be at GIS in the Rockies, conducting a presentation/workshop entitled Data Processing and Mapping with Python: Open Source and Open Standards in the conference's Emerging Standards track. I'm pleased to have been invited to talk about the projects that we're working on in the Open Source GIS community, and show off some specific Python applications. Contents include:

  • Overview of open source GIS projects.

  • Vector and raster processing with GDAL, GEOS, and Python.

  • Introduction to PostGIS and the Python DB API.

  • Providing and consuming web map and feature services using MapServer and the Python mapscript module.

This won't be hands-on like the workshop Hobu and I ran at OSG05, but will be similarly aimed at programmer/analysts and their managers, with many scripting examples that can be brought back for immediate use in the shop.

While not strictly open, ArcWeb services are technology that some attendees will want to see covered, and so I'll work my previous ZSI and ArcWeb exercise into the mix. Using Python for ArcGIS geoprocessing is, however, outside the scope of this presentation.