Flying over mountains

Looking out the window at the landscape below remains the best part of flying. My family and I went to Boise, Idaho, last week and the views were extra good. I've driven from Fort Collins to Cody, Wyoming, and Idaho Falls, Idaho, for Thanksgiving in years past when I had more time than money, but I'm done with that. BOI-DEN-Fort Collins (last leg by car) takes 5 hours, maximum. Traversing Wyoming on the ground via I-80 (Wyoming alone, not counting the CO, UT, ID legs) in Winter takes 2d6 + 4 hours.

I was on the north side of a 737-900 leaving Boise at 7 a.m. Friday and got some superb early morning views of the Lost River (ID), Teton (WY), Wasatch (UT), Uintah (UT), Rawah (CO), and Never Summer (CO) ranges.

Utah's Uintah range.

Colorado's Rawah range.